Why I will not switch to Facebook Mail


Two days from now, Facebook is speculated to release its new product – an Email service. A user-base of well over 500 million people is strong reason to believe that Facebook Mail will have a massive adoption rate unlike any other email service we have ever seen.

There are several reasons why Facebook’s mail program has potential to be a great offering for users. They know who you interact with on the social front and can customize email feeds to prioritize those that come from people closer to you. You won’t have to add your friends to your Facebook mail; they’ll already be imported from your Facebook profile. Given the majority of web-mails have search (mail+web) integrated into them, it’s safe to assume that Facebook Mail will be integrated with Microsoft Bing’s mail+web search. Apart from the common reasons for using web-based search, take the ability to search an inbox for pictures/videos/notes etc and have them published to Facebook at the click of a button. If implemented, this killer-feature will set Facebook apart from any other player on the email scene. Moreover, Facebook Mail is clearly the next step ahead of the two weeks old ‘See Friendship‘ feature that showed all interactions between two people on the site.

But will I switch from Gmail? No. Here’s why.  Continue reading